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Converting Queries/Charts/Dashboards from User to System



If you have created your own Saved Queries, Charts or Dashboards, you may have had occasion to share those objects with other CRM Users.  If you find that they become universally reusable to the point of wanting to “promote” them to System objects, there is no mechanism in the CRM Web Application to do so.

Code to the Rescue

You can however, convert such items using some relatively simple C# (or VB if you must) code.


// chart
var chart =
    from uqv in xrm.UserQueryVisualizationSet
    where uqv.Name == "Pogo's Chart"
    select uqv

Xrm2011.SavedQueryVisualization newChart = new Xrm2011.SavedQueryVisualization
  Name = chart.Name,
  DataDescription = chart.DataDescription,
  Description = chart.Description,
  IsCustomizable = new BooleanManagedProperty(true),
  IsDefault = false,
  IsManaged = false,
  PresentationDescription = chart.PresentationDescription,
  PrimaryEntityTypeCode = chart.PrimaryEntityTypeCode,
  WebResourceId = chart.WebResourceId



// view
var view =
    from uq in xrm.UserQuerySet
    where uq.Name == "Pogo's View"
    select uq

Xrm2011.SavedQuery newView = new Xrm2011.SavedQuery
  Name = view.Name,
  AdvancedGroupBy = view.AdvancedGroupBy,
  CanBeDeleted = new BooleanManagedProperty(true),
  ColumnSetXml = view.ColumnSetXml,
  ConditionalFormatting = view.ConditionalFormatting,
  Description = view.Description,
  FetchXml = view.FetchXml,
  IsCustomizable = new BooleanManagedProperty(true),
  IsDefault = false,
  IsManaged = false,
  LayoutXml = view.LayoutXml,
  QueryType = view.QueryType,
  ReturnedTypeCode = view.ReturnedTypeCode



// dashboard
var dashboard =
    from d in xrm.UserFormSet
    where d.Name == "Pogo's Dashboard"
    select d

Xrm2011.SystemForm newDashboard = new Xrm2011.SystemForm
  Name = dashboard.Name,
  CanBeDeleted = new BooleanManagedProperty(true),
  Description = dashboard.Description,
  FormXml = dashboard.FormXml,
  IsCustomizable = new BooleanManagedProperty(true),
  IsDefault = false,
  IsManaged = false,
  ObjectTypeCode = dashboard.ObjectTypeCode,
  Type = dashboard.Type

newDashboard.Id = xrm.Create(newDashboard);
PublishXmlRequest reqPublish = new PublishXmlRequest
  ParameterXml = string.Format(
PublishXmlResponse respPublish = (PublishXmlResponse)xrm.Execute(reqPublish);

I had issues with privileges on the newly migrated Dashboard the first time I tried it.  The addition of the the PublishXmlRequest fixed it.  I had no such issue with the Views or Charts.

Reference Implementation

You can download a reference implementation of the code described above from the following:


It contains a CRM 2011 Managed Solution that allows Users to migrate User objects (Views, Charts, Dashboards) to System equivalents.  I am in the process of uploading the source code to Codeplex; upon completion you will be able to download and modify as you see fit.

NB: The current implementation will not migrate User Dashboards that contain User components.  A future version will migrate embedded components in addition to the Dashboard that houses them.


You can now download the Managed Solution and/or all source code from the following Codeplex site: